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Precision Wound Debridement and Tissue Sampling

Soft K-Bride® and Soft K-Rette®

Histologics LLC is proud to introduce two new multi-patented curettes that provide a compassionate yet effective alternative to the field of mechanical wound debridement and tissue sampling. Our award winning proprietary Kylon® medical fabric can now be used in nearly all wound care settings for advance wound debridement. The dually FDA registered Soft K-Bride® and Soft K-Rette® are ideal for debriding superficial wounds. These curettes also function as tissue trap containment devices for removing, storing and transporting tissue samples to a laboratory for a variety of important analyses.
 We are proud to have entered the wound care market with our innovative Kylon based devices, and we look forward to further advancing wound care quality and patient experience. Our highest priority is quality, and we are making improvements to our technology. During this process, our devices are not currently available for sale. Please check back soon for updates.

A Compassionate Advancement in Wound Care

Kylon® Technology

Kylon® Advanced Wound Care Brush-Curettes: Tissue sampling for analysis is easily collected in the Kylon® hook tapered tip head and snapped off to preserve tissue for lab analysis. Lab analysis can be for anatomic pathology, tissue culture, or molecular testing.

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Histologics products are FDA registered and compliant medical devices.
Soft K-Bride® and Soft K-Rette® and Kylon® and K-Cot™ are registered trademarks of Histologics™ LLC. 
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